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Agenda des Conf´┐ŻrencesInternationales

The international agenda of Geneva conferences provides you with a calendar or an index of international meetings which take place in Geneva or stand in relation with the international scene of Geneva.

How to proceed:

1. Select criterias of your choice or leave the values by default, then select "sort results by date" or "by conference" to determine the results order. Then click on the "search" button to submit your search.

2. Once the results appear, click on the conference name (underlined, in green) to get further information.

3. To add a conference, click on the "add a conference" button, then fill in all the fields concerned. It is possible to reset values by default at any moment by clicking on the "reset" button. Then submit your form using the "submit" button.

4. For any suggestion or comment, please leave a message to the technical staff by clicking on "webmaster".

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